KNN Survey Results - 2017

82 members replied to the KNN survey distributed in late March.  The KNN board was very pleased with this number and wants to thank all who took the time to respond.   To find out how people view KNN in helping them to be a part of the Kenmure neighborhood, please read on for a summary of significant results and a sampling of comments. 

Respondents gave KNN high marks as reflected in the overall ratings.  On a scale of one to five, with five being the highest, 74.3% gave a rating of five followed by 17.6% with a rating of four, which indicates that nearly 92% find KNN “above average.”   100% of respondents either strongly agreed or agreed that there are “plenty of activities” offered through KNN.    The board also noticed that 39.5% of respondents have lived in Kenmure over seven years, and of those, 35.5% have been members of KNN the whole time.  Of those living in the neighborhood from three to seven years (26.3%), 100% of them have chosen to participate in KNN throughout their tenure as residents. 

Members gave clear direction to the board about the following:  At parties, loud music should not begin until after dinner so that members can talk with one another at their tables.  Future newsletters can be distributed electronically.  “Dining In” should be kept as a summer option only.  “Dining at the Grill” is the most enjoyed hosted activity.  Of the limited hosting activities, “Ladies Lunch Bunch” is the most popular, followed by hiking.  49.2% of respondents indicated no preference to sit-down versus buffet parties, and the remaining responses were divided.  One member commented, “Why does it have to be all or none; can’t we mix it up?’’ That is exactly what the board intends to do! 

On the other hand, the survey did not reveal a strong consensus about adding KNN activities or adequacy of offerings for singles.  None of the KNN proposed activities awakened any intense interest, and respondents did not propose any new ones with frequency.  With Kenmure Country Club’s bridge, Mah Jongg, scrabble, bocce, trivia, water aerobics, etc. in addition to KNN dominoes, bridge, book club, arts and adventures, hiking, happy needlers, etc., residents seem to indicate there is no void of things to do in the community.   63.4% of respondents had no opinion of whether there are enough activities for singles while 21.1% think there are enough, yet 15.5% disagree or strongly disagree.  There were comments to the effect that the board may be “missing the mark” in letting singles know that they are welcome to ‘’couple-type’’ activities either by themselves or by joining with another single friend to form a couple.

With regard to bar-mixers, the survey results show that 59.4% would participate if offered.  One person who responded in the affirmative opined ‘’…but people need to mix rather than come in and sit at a table with their group and not talk to others.”  Based on the interest, bar mixers are being tried by some of the neighborhood representatives.  To date, the Lower Glassy and Pinnacle Mountain Tarnhill neighborhoods have had successful, well-attended bar mixers with overwhelmingly positive results.

To the final question on the survey, which encouraged feedback in any form, there were 21 people who took time to let the board know what was pleasing or displeasing to them as members.   Eight of those were very complimentary; one may have summarized it for all eight when he/she said, “If you didn’t change a thing, we still would be happy with KNN services.”  The other replies covered a wide range of things, including pet peeves when setting up dates for hosted events, desire for more contemporary music at the dinner dances (2), interest in more big get-togethers (2), etc., all of which the board has taken under consideration.

The board appreciates very much your participation in the survey and also would like to remind you that your comments and feedback are welcome throughout the year.   It is your organization! 
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