Use of Kenmure Country Club by Non-KCC Members

As per KNN/KCC Agreement of 2005 (amended in 2009):

  1. All KNN members may attend KNN dinners and other sponsored events, such as Dining at the Grill, Lunch Bunch, Dining Out, etc., that are held at the club. 
    • Non-KCC member payment: Credit Card at the event. This includes both first-year members who have not yet joined the club,  "grandfathered" members* and others permitted by KCC.
  2. All first-year non-club members may participate in Dining at the Grill and may attend Dining Out and Lunch Bunch if the group chooses KCC as their restaurant.**  Payment is by credit card.  All first-year non-club members may not use club facilities, including the Grill Room, at any other time.
  3. Upon approval of the Club Manager, we may invite all Kenmure property owners, even those who do not belong to KCC, to one of our dinners. Historically, the June dinner has been an open dinner. Payment as #1 above.

*In 2005, when KNN voted that Kenmure Country Club membership was required after one year in the organization, existing members who were not members of the club were "grandfathered in." See Article III, C., Membership in the Bylaws.  In return, KCC voted to permit attendance by all KNN members at all their dinners and other events.

** In 2009, KCC amended the agreement to include all KNN sponsored events, including Dining Out, Dining at the Grill, Lunch Bunch and any other KNN sponsored activity that uses their dining facilities. Excluded: Men's Bridge.

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