New Residents - Welcome to Kenmure!

Welcome to Kenmure!

MovingIn.jpgWe are delighted that you have chosen to make Kenmure your home. We find the quickest and most enjoyable way to meet your neighbors is by joining Kenmure Newcomers & Neighbors.

You don't have to wait until you dig your way out of boxes, get off the ladders or put down the paint brushes to contact our Membership Chair so you can get started doing what you came here to do - make a new home and some new friends. We'll take you just the way you are!

Here's what some residents have to say about KNN:

  • We’ve lived here only six months and can’t believe the number of people we’ve met.” Bonnie & David Niehoff from Columbus, OH
  • “We signed up for everything in the beginning—guess we were ready for retirement and meeting lots of new friends right away. It has made it even more wonderful to live in beautiful Kenmure.” Linda & Brian Dillon from Miami, FL 
  • We have been so impressed with the care, concern and social opportunities Kenmure has for newcomers. This aspect of Kenmure far exceeds any we have previously experienced. Come take advantage of events and activities and most of all, ENJOY!”  Dave & Lee Marquardt from Rio Verde, AZ 
  • We are newcomers who are first coming to Kenmure at the end of May. From all the material we have received from the various newcomer's groups, we are looking forward to our five months at Kenmure.” Rachel & Maury Seldin from St. Augustine, FL
  • “When we moved to this lovely community in August, we thought it couldn't get any better.  Then we joined Newcomers & Neighbors and had the opportunity to meet and enjoy the Kenmure residents. It’s the icing on the cake!” Linda & Herb Mensch from Fairfax Station, VA
  • “We came to Kenmure as snow birds. After two summers in this friendly abode, we sold our place in Florida and now remain year-round, primarily because of the people we met in Newcomers & Neighbors.”  Susan & Richard Bush from NJ & MO

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